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Unverified Voracity Checks Injury Status Brian September 20th, 2019 at 10:44 AM
run away from injuries please [Patrick Barron]

Injury status. You've probably heard about Charbonnet Panic 2019 by now, which had its origins in a Facebook post by a family member of a player, got Yodered by an OSU guy, and then ran around the world several times before meeting some pushback. Let's address that and Michigan's other walking wounded:

  • QB Shea Patterson: says he's 100%: "I did get banged up in the first game, and it did kind of wear on me a little bit, but I’m ready to go. … I think it affected all aspects of (my play). An oblique is no fun, but I’m ready to go." Patterson said he was 100% after the Army game, when he was apparently not 100%, so… yeah.
  • RB Zach Charbonnet: zillions of conflicting reports, some of which don't even make sense internally. Jon Jansen was pretty strident about the fact that Charbonnet has not had surgery and was walking around normally; Jansen said "fully expect[s]" Charbonnet to start Saturday. Other reports have been more circumspect. It seems certain that Charbonnet did miss practice earlier this week. That probably started up the rumor mill and now we're in the eight iteration of telephone.
  • RB Tru Wilson: "We'll see if he's back this week, or soon," per Harbaugh on his radio show three days ago. Did not practice the previous week, paving the way for Christian Turner to solidify the #2 job. Turner seems fine after taking a hard hit late in the Army game.
  • WR Donovan Peoples-Jones: ominous radio silence aside from a "not sure" from Harbaugh. His injury was reported very, very late in fall camp as a high ankle sprain, which is the kind of thing that can linger forever. No insider rumblings, which is in contrast to a lot of the other guys on this list. Signs point towards no.
  • LT Jon Runyan Jr.: "Ready to go" per Warinner.
  • DT Donovan Jeter: Played a few snaps against Army and was put in front of the media this week so should be full go.
  • DT Mike Dwumfour: Was reputed to be ready to go two weeks ago against Army; did not play. Apparently the only issue remaining is with his arm(?) and could have been left out of the Army gameplan for tactical reasons. Like DPJ, no encouraging insider noises may mean he's still out.
  • S Quinten Johnson. Johnson posted a picture in which he was about to undergo surgery. A redshirt, already likely, is now assured.

If Dwumfour is out I don't see how Michigan doesn't spend a significant chunk of the game in a 3-3-5. Michigan doesn't trust their freshmen, I can't imagine Ben Mason is going to be able to cope against the Badgers, and Kemp/Jeter are unlikely to play every snap.

[After THE JUMP: Spartan Stadium's beleaguered grass.]

Uh. Well. Warinner says that with Runyan's return Ryan Hayes is set to rotate at right tackle:

"There's nothing that would keep me from playing Ryan Hayes," Michigan offensive line coach Ed Warinner said Tuesday. "We haven't made all those decisions yet. Sometimes you see how it's going. But I think you'll probably see them both play."

Warinner made a habit of this at previous stops. I'd be more comfortable with this if we were talking about Andrew Stueber, who is clearly Wisconsin-mashing size. Hayes I'm a little dubious about after his last outing.

A long read. Ben Mathis-Lilley on American Football:

The first University of Michigan bumper sticker I saw while driving through Ohio to Ann Arbor to watch Michigan play Wisconsin last fall was affixed to a Subaru Outback. The Outback is a go-to vehicle for financially comfortable but socially conscious liberals, which was appropriate; it was being driven by a bearded sixty-something man, which was also appropriate.

I was going north on I-75 from Hamilton, Ohio, the town outside Cincinnati where my in-laws live. Hamilton was chosen as the subject of a 1982 non-fiction book called Hometown in part for its all-American demographic representativeness; at the time, it was a factory town, with facilities for manufacturing paper, tools, and safes. Now it’s disproportionately white relative to the rest of the country, though it has a growing Latino population, and the factories are closed; the big employer downtown is a call center run by a customer service contractor called StarTek. It’s still football country, and the afternoon before I left I had by coincidence ended up at a game between two high-school freshman teams (my wife’s niece was a cheerleader) from area Catholic schools.

Worth your time.

No apology forthcoming. Arizona State did a thing with a fork!

If Michigan had done this there either would have been a tearful apology from Brady Hoke or a months-long inquest about the damage done and the old lady terrified by it when Michigan laughed at the idea of saying sorry. It is in this way you can tell whether poking some grass is a real transgression or not.

Blackwell's deposition. Explosive allegations are contained within it:

Blackwell said in his deposition that multiple assistant coaches asked Dantonio not to offer Robertson a spot on the roster because he had a history of troubling behavior. Blackwell said he witnessed defensive line coach Ron Burton tell Dantonio that he didn't want Robertson to be on the same campus as his daughter.

"So for Ron Burton to say it was that bad that he didn't want his daughter around him, I knew he had some real serious sexual issues," Blackwell said in his deposition. …

Blackwell said that he, Burton and fellow assistant Dave Warner all suggested the team steer clear of Robertson in a meeting with Dantonio.

"I want to say [Warner] spoke with the principal and the coach ... and they had nothing good to say about him," Blackwell said. "[Warner] couldn't really find anybody that could say anything good about Auston."

Robertson went on to commit a sexual assault on campus and is currently in prison. Dantonio told the media Robertson had gone through an extensive vetting process, which was a lie:

No one from Michigan State requested information about Robertson's criminal history in Fort Wayne through formal records requests during the school's vetting process, according to the city's records department. Officials in Fort Wayne were not able to determine if anyone at Michigan State had attempted to contact local law enforcement officers via email or phone to discuss Robertson.

Allen County (Indiana) Prosecutor Karen Richards said no one from Michigan State contacted her or her office for records or discussion about Robertson during the time that Michigan State was vetting him. Richards' office prosecuted Robertson for the misdemeanor battery charge that prompted a delay of the scholarship offer.

That Dantonio still has a job is testament to MSU's broken culture.

What could possibly be wrong with the same pants? Jim Harbaugh has some kid running around presenting him with khakis:

How can those khakis meet with disapproval? They're the same! They're all the same!

Gus! Harry Lyles Jr came up to AA two weeks ago for a piece on Gus Johnson. Johnson grew up in Detroit, of course, and has a connection with Michigan as a result:

After his Little League baseball games, his mom would serve up soup and sandwiches while he and his dad watched Bo Schembechler and the Wolverines. “Daddy and I would watch,” he says, “And Mama would always root for the other team for some reason. She just knew how to get on our nerves, and we’d be mad at her, like, ‘Why are you talking good stuff about them!’”

Johnson met Schembechler once at an airport. Schembechler was carrying his own bags, a fact Johnson seemed impressed by. He walked up to the legendary coach and introduced himself.

Schembechler told Johnson he was proud of him, before correcting himself and saying “we” are proud. “That was the only time I met him,” Johnson says, unsuccessfully fighting back tears. “That’s all I needed.”

It's nice that Michigan has a connect with both Keith Jackson and his successor, as much as anyone can succeed Keith Jackson.

I don't know how anyone watches the NFL, an ongoing series. Tulane pulled out a fake kneel last night:

They followed this up with a ludicrous touchdown where the safety came in and airballed on a guy. Chaos is good.

Etc.: Random USHL name for 2020 recruiting: WMU decommit Mark Estapa. ND also in the running. Ambry Thomas details his recovery. Mel Pearson wants some rule changes that small schools will shoot down because they suck. MSU LT Kevin Jarvis out "at least" six weeks, which takes him to the PSU game. Bo's first game.

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September 20th, 2019 at 11:07 AM ^

Warinner made a habit of this at previous stops. I'd be more comfortable with this if we were talking about Andrew Stueber, who is clearly Wisconsin-mashing size. Hayes I'm a little dubious about after his last outing.

I don't know anything, but if Seth's FFFF is accurate, they're basically playing OLBs as rush ends with DEs as tackles. That feels like it leans toward agility and less toward bulk.

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The thing about oblique injuries is that they take a long time to heal even when the injury feels pretty mild.  If Shea's oblique was bad enough to affect his play two weeks ago, there's no way it has fully healed by now.  A minor oblique strain (the type that would heal in two weeks) is not going to have a significant effect on your play.

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